Phase 2 – Easing of some restrictions

We are delighted to see our members out playing since the resumption of tennis.  From the 8th of June, there are some easing of restrictions.  Mainly the 5km radius now extends to 20 km.  Over 16’s can now play without parent/guardian supervision.  We will keep you posted with updates as soon as we are advised by Tennis Ireland.

All players must follow the guidelines below from Tennis Ireland before resuming tennis.  So, enjoy playing again and most importantly, keep safe.

Before you decide to play
You must stay at home if you:

·         Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days

·         Have been overseas or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days

·         Have flu-like symptoms or are feeling unwell

·         Live outside a 20km radius of the club

Once you decide to play
·        Play should be limited to singles only during this phase of the reopening. The only exception for doubles is if playing partners are from the same household. Further doubles play will be considered in future phases of reopening.

.         Pre-book your court online.  All players must be named for contact tracing re: Covid-19.

·         Only paid up members should attend tennis activities.  No non-members are allowed during this phase.

·         Arrive and leave as close as possible to when you are due on court

·         A parent/guardian must accompany any player under 16 years.

·         Players should arrive ready to play as their will be no access to dressing room during this phase

·         Players should ensure that they utilise toilet facilities in their own home prior    to arriving at the club as toilet facilities will not be available during this phase.

·         Players should, ideally, bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser with them and keep it in their pocket of bag for use.

During Play & Social distancing behaviours
·         Players must refrain from handshakes and high fives

·         Keep 2 metres away from other people at all times

·         Do not share food, towels and drinks

·         Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or hand-sanitiser when available, before and after eating, after going to the toilet, sneezing and coughing

·         Cover your coughs and sneezes and dispose of any used tissue in your own bag and bring it home with you

·         Avoid touching your face

·         Keep your distance from people who are obviously sick

·         Try not to touch any surfaces, but if you do sanitise your hands as soon as possible

·         Change ends at opposite sides of the net. If this is not possible then do not change ends.

·         Use two sets of clearly marked tennis balls.These should be alternated for serving with each player only touching their individual tennis balls.

·         Use your racquet / foot to pick up balls and hit them to your opponent. Avoid using your hands to pick up the balls.

·         Remain apart from other players when taking a break.

·         If a ball from another court comes across, send it back with a kick or with a racquet.

When play finishes
·         Once play has finished players should leave the club promptly

·         Hands should be washed and sanitised as soon as possible

·         Ensure equipment is cleaned thoroughly after use. Tennis balls can be sprayed with a disinfectant

·         If a player becomes unwell after playing, they should first contact their GP/HSE and then inform their club. The club will then follow advice provided to them by the HSE on the next steps

·         Members should be encouraged to remind other members of the guidelines in a gentle way, when they witness poor practices.

·         Repeated poor practice should be reported to the club as soon as possible