Doubles Open Poster 2024


Our Puckane Open 2024 is just around the corner.

Ladies Doubles – A,B,C

Men’s Doubles – A,B,C

Mixed Doubles – A,B,C

Round Robin Games will run for all sections from Monday the 15th to Tuesday the 23rd.

This event will run from the 15th July to the 27th July.

Semi Finals on 24th – 26th and FINALS DAY & BBQ on Saturday 27th July.

The Closing date for entries will be Tuesday the 9th July.

Entries are E12.50 per person per event.

Maximum of two events per person.


Please find the link below if you would like to enter.


With thanks to our kind Sponsors, Melissa K , Darcy/Cleary Insurances  and Pat Hough.

This popular competition has three sections to enter in.

Section A, Section B and Section C.

(We may run a Section D if we have enough numbers/interest. However, this Section is solely for beginners that are playing LESS than 6 Months)

SECTION A – Munster Grades 1 & 2

SECTION B – Munster Grades 3 & 4

SECTION C – Muster Grades 5 & 6

Two of the top grades in each section CANNOT play together –

Pairings CANNOT consist of two Grade 1’s in Section A, or  Two Grade 3’s in Section B or two Grade 5’s in Section C.


  • If a player does not have a Munster Grading, the Competitions Committee will allocate one for the purpose of the event. In this and all matters surrounding the scheduling/running of the event, the Competitions Committees say is final.
  • As always, we will try to accommodate unavailability if possible for the group games. However, this may not e possible for knockout stages  – so PLEASE be available from the 24th to the 27th inclusive.
  • Please enter with a Partner.
  • Lights will be provided.
  • Tennis Balls will be provided for Semi Finals and Finals Day.
  • Enter through this link: